Flight of a fallen Angle!

Emil Etchegaray wings rainbow skyAnother long awaited product from Spider Carnot, who brought us the Guardian Dragon which was an amazing design in its self. Its been just about two years since his release of the dragon, so this was a long awaited release, The Ascendant Wings were worth the wait. There are two versions of the wings, a white version which is called Ascend and a black version that is called Fallen.

As with the dragon, the wings come with an amazing hud that allows many color change options for the wings and well as texture appearance and transparency. The wings in this photo, which was taken for a contest that Spider just recently announced, are the Fallen wings. To see the full wing effects and wings in flight please see the YouTube link below.

Here is also the link for the Spider inworld store:


Here is also the link to his market Place Store :



Also want to thank my brother Stavaros for taking this amazing shot for me and I will leave a link for his page as well:


Model in picture is my self and what I’m wearing is as follows:

Ascendant wings, Fallen by Spider Carnot

Silver ear wings by Swallow

Cuffs by Mr.Gracemount

Warrior fur stole/black rare and Gladiator sandals both by Gabriel

Luke male Gothic Pants by Fashionnatic

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping

Emil Etchegaray







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