Divine Light!

Divine Light framed

Well hold on to your feathers, Spider Productions has done it again!  You may ask,” what have the done again?”, well they took there original Ascendant wings and totally revamped them. The newer wings are like the last ones that they come either Ascend,Divine, or Fallen. Not too much of a big change there. But one of the biggest changes that you will notice is the HUD, they have totally revamped it. See below:

Ascendant wings HUD

As you can see, big changes. You now have a few more options. One of the first options that you have is the ability to  change the color of wing layers or rows. another of the coolest new changes is the color pallets that are shown below:

Ascendant color cards

So you can see now that the color combinations are endless. Below is an example on how you can change up the wings to fit your mood or outfits:

Emil Red Devine wings

As you can see, the sky is the limit on the color combinations and effects you can add to your wings. Also on the colors, the Ascend color pallet will be Brighter and Bolder while the Divine will be Softer and Subtle.

But what I think is the most impressive thing about these wings is the flight system. There is nothing else like them in SL, the wings actually articulate like a wings would and during flight when you turn you actually bank in the direction that you are trailing. You also have a nice take off and a dive during flight.

So how much are these going to cost you, here is the breakdown.

The original Ascendant wings (Ascend & Fallen) were  $2200L now are 20% off @ $1850L and have been updated with the smoke card and new hud, if you have already bought them, you put them on and you’ll get the updated ones.  On June 23 the new updated wings will be released. Here is the the pricing on the new releases:

  1. Individual Pack: $1850L and you will get, 1 color pallet, a set of wings and a hud. ( Still at the 20% off the original price)
  2. The Mega Pack: $10,350L and you will get all 8 color pallets, a smoke pallet, a hud and 1 set of wings. If you buy the Mega pack you will save 30% verses buying all 8 color pallets individually. (in either Ascend, Divine or Fallen).

Project Bento is live on the gridwide on the special Project Viewer only, so as I’m working one this blog, Spider is working on the new bones for the wings to be ready for update when Bento hits all the regular viewers soon to come.

So to keep up on all things Spider, here is a few links for you:

Main Store:





Flickr page:


And to see the wings in action, make sure you check out there YouTube Chanel:


Wow that was allot for one blog, watch for more blogs on this as well as information on the upcoming release party.

Happy Flying!



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