Ascendant Wings Release Day and Party!

Agua Wings

Well Its just one day away from the release of the redesigned ascendant wings. Once again Spider had outdone himself again by taking a great product and making it better. The Divine Update comes in either Ascend or Fallen.  But one of the biggest changes that you will notice is the redesigned HUD. See below:

Ascendant wing Huds

As you can see in the hud above, you now have the to color more that just the tip of the wings. They are now set up in what I would call layers, you can pick a layout color. Then pick different colors for all the rest of the rows of feathers. This really gives you countless options to style or enhance you outfits, or role play to its fullest. You will have endless color options as well. Below is the color card options that you can get one single card or a Mega pack the get them all.

Ascendant color cards

Along with the new wings, Spider have moved everything to a new home. below I’ll leave the new sim landmark as well and information on the release party.

Spider productions new sim:

Release party info:

The ARK June 23rd 2016   6pm SLT:


Hope to see you all there, its going to be an awesome party.

As always, happy shopping,



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