Soaking up some rays!

Soaking up some rays

What a great way to spend an afternoon, just sitting on the beach enjoying the sun. An even better way is enjoying it in the latest beach set from TM creations at the July Swank event. This Kalia deck set includes; six colors of both the Adirondack chair and Parasol umbrella, a wooden coffee table and a nice bowl of fresh fruit. As you can see this would make a great addition to any deck or beach side house.

Also there at the swank event, TM creations also has a few for items as well.  Also for sale; is a  wooden beach pathway, a Swank exclusive tropical arrangement, Cuddle spring rolled blanket, Summer flower cluster pack and a wonderful garden arrangement( shown below).

TM garden arangement

So if you need some great items to spruce up around you house, head down to the Swank event and check it out.

Happy Shopping


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