Burning the midnight oil!


Out for that late evening stroll. All while hoping to catch the eye of that special someone, and still dressed to the nines to impress the high society. What better way to do that than in the latest release, ” Leroy” Prism for men by Lam Erin. This posh new outfit with a glimmer of a era where it was everything to belong to the high society.

Leroy comes in four color choices, brown, grey, charcoal, and red. You can wear it with or without materials. This outfit is Hud driven and has eight color choices for the shirt and also has an optional vest.  The Leroy comes in regular fitted mesh and also fits the Slink and TMP bodies. I’m wearing the TMP version.

Head on over to there main store or check it out on the Market Place, Links below:

Main Store:


Market Place Store:


Prism Flickr:


My Flickr:


Happy Shopping,





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