Being Playful!


There come a time when you just need to have fun. Rather that its hanging with friends or you just put on your favorite fuzzy hoodie on. Time to discuss what that fox said. They said that if you love this hoodie from Hot Fuss, you need to check it out over at the October Swank event.

The Bjorn hoodie comes in either male or female versions, with two color schemes. The hoodie is available in black with orange accents or pumpkin with black accents. The hoodies is sizes in fit mesh or standard sizes ( XS,S,M,L,XL).

Also worn with hoodie is a exclusive for Swank, Its the “BE STILL” Necklace. The necklace is available individually in the following colors: Gunmetal,Silver,Copper and Gold. The necklace is also available in a HUD Pack. The Hud Pack includes all four metals as well and seven colors for the heart. Necklace shown in picture below.


The Fox also said you should head on over to the event and check out these two items for your self. Land marks to follow below.

Happy Shopping


Swank Event:

Hot Fuss Store:

Hot Fuss Flickr:




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