Autumn Stroll!


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As the season changes and we take those morning walks. We notice a bit more chill in the air. Its now time to start gathering out winter wardrobe. What better way to keep us warm during our walks than Ch’s newest sweater. Just released at the November round of the Swank shopping event.

This knit sweater is available in small,medium and large. It also includes two fit mesh sizes.  The sweater hud allows you to choose from thirty different colors. I have the TMP body and wearing the fit mesh #1 with no change to my shape.

Also featured here is the “Autumn Breeze bench” a Swank Exclusive from TM Creations. This sturdy rock bench with a pillow top, has room for two people. This bench seat has well over 50 animations for couples and single sits as well. This is just one the the many new creations from TM Creations at the event. Make sure check out her display for all her newest items.

Another item featured here is the 3RD Eye “Blowing leaves set”. This Set of blowing leaves has several types of blowing formations. The formations come in three colors schemes, which are orange, yellow and green.


Landmarks to the event and Main stores to follow:

Happy Shopping,


p.s. A very special thanks to Dop Kidd @ Kidd Creations for landscaping:

Swank November Event:

TM Creations:


3RD Eye:






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