Ready for the races!

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Ready, Set, Go! And we are off the the races. Rather your are off the races or you just want to be a sharp dressed man, the Jimmy outfit might be for you. Just released from LRD at the November round of Swank.

Once again LRD has put together another stellar outfit. This leather like two piece outfit comes in two styles. The Jimmy which comes in plain solid colors. For example: red, black, white,gold and so on. The Jimmy Special Edition has a little more flair. Which includes, multi color pants and top with two color checker pattern. The special edition outfit has fewer colors. But makes up for with different pattern combinations.

The Jimmy outfit has a HUD driven system. The Jimmy has three different HUD’s, one for the pants, top and a combo HUD. While the Special Edition only has one HUD for the outfit. The Jimmy is available in XS to XL standard sizes only. I have a TMP body and the medium fits me like a glove. I’m sure this will make a great addition to any mans wardrobe, so head on over to the event and check it out. Links to Follow.

Happy Shopping,


Swank Event ( New location):

LRD Main Store:





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