Winter Wonderland!

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When fall comes, we see all the rich earth tones in nature. But now that winter is here, we have lost those orange, yellow and brown tones. Mother nature had left us a blank slate of all the white we can handle. But when winters white is to much, we might need some color back in out lives. Well look no further than the December Swank event and Bakaboo.

Ocean Blackthorne, chief designer of Bakaboo. Describes his clothing as ” Attempting to bridge the line between art and fashion”.  Ocean does this rather well and gives us some unique fashions. When mother nature gives us all white, its time to fill it with color.

Ocean has brought us five new suits to his collection. We have the Summer, American, Tempest, Yakuza, and the Yin Yang. The American , Yakuza and the Yin Yang have two different patterns to chose from.  These suits made for the standard avatar sizes, but will fit most mesh bodies. These I am wearing are the medium on a Signature body.

Also featured in post is the latest release from OTP ( Outside the Box), Winter Well with cuddles. Also at this months event.

Head on over to the event and check them out!

Happy Holiday and Happy Shopping.


Swank Event:

For All of Bakaboo’s other fashions, Check out his marketplace store:


OTB Main Store:




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