In the beginning, about 8 years ago, there was just Emil, He was a  nube, trailing in undiscovered country, discovering and trying new things he would of never tried in RL. Emil met a group of friends and started to hang out in clubs and before he new it he was a DJ in SL. He did this for about 7 years and threw a club, he joined a family and became a Gracemount. His new brother, Stav tried to get him to update his avi, fighting his every step of the way.  Reluctantly, he started to slowly transform himself and soon he was a sharp looking Gracemount.

Emil’s brother then stated to model and attended his shows, but never really thought anything about it. Some time later his brother told him about the Mr. SL competition and he figured what the heck, he give it a try. So he fill out the application and sent in a photo and he was off and running. With a revamp to his head shot by Stav, he was soon heading to the tryouts. Before he knew it, he became Mr. Germany 2015.

Now that” Just Emil” has evolved in Emil Gracemount a bit of a fashion extraordinaire. Now that I have done some runway and print work, I have become friends with a some designers, I’m going to share all the wonderful items that are are given to me or I buy so that you too can enjoy them as well.


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